Business maker focused on giving realistic opportunities to people. OSCOR, OS meaning “Oneself” and COR, “a measure of Capacity” was established to create a new generation of Entrepreneurs using the basic needs of the society. The Capacity of every OSCOR member to pro create group of entrepreneurs where the culture of Filipino’s “Bayanihan” becomes the center of their actions. Oscor Business Support Service is designed as a long – term business; a business that can achieve full potential growth in the marketplace by providing its products and services under one roof and can offer to the end-users the convenience by satisfying their needs in a one-stop-shop.

Oscor Business Solution is proud to introduce its very own traditional business ideas and providing new line of services, useful and significant products to the market and to expand its business concept into new areas that is built on our competencies and customer satisfaction.

Message of the Chairman and CEO

When i created OSCOR i didn’t think of including people who are self-centered and arrogant. My company is for the people who are generous and are willing to help other people make a decent living. After all, we all need to make a living for our loved ones. Let us not give chance to the few who wanted to see us FAIL!. We are OSCOR and we must be ONE.

The Company

Founded last September 2017.

MISSION: To provide the best and affordable business suitable to the needs of every entrepreneurs and entrepreneur wannabees.

VISION: To become a leader in the industry in providing the best solution in the development and growth of business.

1. To promote and improve products service quality - Customer needs and expectation require that we provide them of high quality and excellent products are the forefront of our goals.

2. Enhanced customer satisfaction means happy customer - When customers are happy, that typically means that the business operating effectively across all areas.

3. Increase in revenue - Our business partners start with increase in revenue, which is a basic business goal. We need to produce good services in order for us to meet both business and pleasure with our clients/ customers, staff and company.