Oscor Business Solutions started with distribution business. We manufacture and distribute everyday quality products like Palm oil, Soysauce, Vinegar, Fish sauce and Soysauce with kalamansi. We already has depots and Hubs in North & South Luzon and we just started shipping our products in Zamboanga and Basilan. Try our products and surely you'll love them.

We give up to 35% discount to our depots. This is an easy business where a return of investment is very easy in a little time.


Multilevel Marketing, or MLM, is a system for selling goods or services through a network of distributors. Multilevel marketing is also referred to as Network Marketing or Direct Sales.

OSCOR Develop a Unique marketing and compensation plan using household products as the main source of income generation


OSCOR Express

is a one stop business partnered with LBC and its services. Aside from these services, Oscor express also provides services like Air ticketing, Bills payments, Loading all networks, Bus and Ferry booking among others. Its a one stop shop business that is easy to manage with an affordable investment scheme.


100% chemical free condiments processed in the most natural manner, meeting the highest standards of food production, at the same time comply with environmental safety and health regulations.


You probably want to start your own franchise Business. Here is your chance! Our company OBS is opening its doors to franchise our services. In Obs we give opportunities for everyone. With site assistance, easy to manage, Require Less Capital & Rental Cost, Easy To Transfer, Needs Less Maintenance, Easy To Expand.

Courier/ in partnership with LBC

Mails, document, parcels and boxes :
Sending documents, door to door, pickup and delivery is easy! with our partner LBC Solution and Lbc retail services we bring more convenient way to send. We’ll make it easy

Cargo & Logistics :
Oscor courier. Local and international door-to-door, pickup delivery, sea freight, airfreight, cargo forwarding and trucking.

Warehousing :
We offer warehouses to cater every type of cargo, such as hazardous, temperature sensitive & food grade materials.

OBS Services

Payments & Remittance : :
Oscor Money Transfer: Remittance for both Local and Abroad has a big impact to all and contributes in so many ways in our lives. Sending money to someone at a distance is very important, and that is how you express your love, care and protection to your family.

Oscor Money Transfer will help you and your family, friends and those special through sending and receiving money instantly.

Bills payment :
OBS Payment. Paying your bills is easy, oscor express offers your customers a fast and convenient way of paying their bills. We handle bills payment collection from water utilities, electricity, cable, internet and many more.

Airline ticketing :
OBS Ticketing. Oscor express brings you a major travel and provides services such as booking, tour facilitation and other related services. It is the fervent hope of the company to offer a travel experience that is worth the money with worthy activities that would eventually result to repeat sales from customers.

Hotel booking :
with over more than 200,000 hotels partner worldwide, Oscor make it faster and easier to book your hotel online. No need to go far away and wait in long queues.

Tour Package & Ferry Booking :
At OSCOR, you can book promo travel packages DOMESTIC and INTERNATIONAL with airfare, FERRY and hotel in one go! ... of exclusive offers and customize as you like to find the best combinations.

Electronic Loading :
Oscor Loading. The system facilities dispending of airtime credits via web-interface. Any person with laptop or cp can dispense and retail prepaid card products without even carrying any sort of prepaid card inventory. The system can sell e-pins of any brand of prepaid products.